S3 2024 Program Highlights

Technical Program

Keynote Speaker

Current State of Practice for Deformation Criteria for SOE Wall Systems

headshot of marinucci

Antonio Marinucci, Ph.D., P.E.
V2C Strategists, LLC

To achieve the desired performance and project metrics for a constructed support of excavation (SOE) wall system, designers and contractors combine theoretical and empirical principles, practical knowledge, and feasibility considerations. Numerous published technical sources provide design methodologies, step-by-step procedures, and technical guidance for system design. However, the assessment of potential lateral wall and vertical ground movements is less well-defined, often relying on empirical correlations for idealized conditions or using specialized software for complex soil-structure interaction analysis...

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Invited Speaker

A Strategic Plan for Transportation Resilience

headshot of silas nichols

Silas C. Nichols, P.E.
Federal Highway Administration

The presentation will focus on aligning research and program efforts for characterization of geotechnical assets and hazards and the potential impact of external stressors with broad legislative efforts to improve system performance.

Panel Discussion

Positive Strategies for Emergency Communication

There are different scales of emergencies in our industries, design error, construction error, and failure or unforeseen circumstances. The panel will discuss strategies and end with lessons learned. We will discuss building a Team you trust, and skill levels needed. How do we play to their strengths. Some suggestions on navigating the media to avoid escalating concerns or committing to solutions. Dissemination of communication from higher up down to the people doing the work. What materials can we get to complete work/design and what professional organizations can help you find the correct resources. From the onset of an emergency, we must always be part of the calm and not create chaos.

headshot of sue frank

Sue Frank
TEI Rock Drills, Inc.

headshot of mary ellen large

Mary Ellen Large, P.E., D.GE
Nicholson Construction Company

headshot of Lucky Nagarajan

Lucky Nagarajan
Geocomp, Inc.

headshot of helen robinson

Helen Robinson, P.E., PMP, D.GE
GEI Consultants, Inc.

headshot of alissa maxwell weiss

Alissa Maxwell Weiss
Hub Foundation Company, Inc.

Software Discussion

A highlight of the event is the annual software discussion, where a problem is presented to slope stability software providers who discuss, analyze and present solutions.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

DFI is pleased to provide a Professional Development Hours Certificate for all its technical programs. This certificate is accepted by most licensing boards and serves as documentation of your pursuit of continuing education credits. There are some states that may not accept the general DFI certificate. Attendees are responsible for determining whether or not DFI PDHs are accepted by their respective licensing board.