Performance of Deep Foundations under Seismic Loading

This webinar series features a series of talks focused on how deep foundation elements and systems perform under different natural and man-made hazard loading. The series includes research studies, case histories, and reconnaissance observations. The webinar series will feature speakers from different technical backgrounds and regional origin, associated with the hazard performance presented in the respective talk. Webinar 1 will focus on the seismic performance of deep foundations under natural and man-made seismic loading.

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headshot of di loaora

Dr. Raffaele DiLaora
Associate Professor at Università della Campania, Italy

This presentation will focus on key aspects of pile design under earthquake loading. Special emphasis will be given to pile-soil kinematic interaction, highlighting main physical mechanisms involved in the interaction phenomenon. The additional bending moments arising from this interaction process will be discussed, emphasizing main parameters controlling their development in different subsoil conditions. Simplified methodologies and formulae suitable for analysis of different complexity will be presented, including approximate procedures that allow for design by simple hand calculation. The presentation will also show the beneficial role of pile foundations on the seismic response of structure and provide practical examples.

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Prof. Tugce Baser
Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA

On February 6, 2023, a M7.8 earthquake struck southern Turkey near the northern border of Syria, followed by a second, M7.5 earthquake, approximately 90 km to the north and only 9 hours later. The first earthquake was the most devastating to hit Turkey in more than 20 years, affecting an area of 350.000 km2 , causing a death poll of nearly 60.000 people, and destroying or severely damaging more than 164.000 buildings. This presentation will provide geotechnical observations collected during a reconnaissance visit to the affected areas and highlight the foundation performance as well as the impacts of surface fault rupture and liquefaction on infrastructure components during the seismic event.

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Onno Dijkstra, B.BE
Prinicpal Consultant at Fugro, Groningen, the Netherlands

This presentation will provide a technical description of the gas mining history and the industrially induced seismic activity in the northern parts of the Netherlands (Groningen). The geotechnical characteristics of the gas field will be explained and tied to the recent guideline developed for earthquake resistant building designs in the area above the gas field, focusing specifically on the geotechnical aspects of design and construction. The presentation will further highlight the effects of liquefaction on the pile foundations in the area and associated research.

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